Friday, 17 May 2013

Sooooo suggestible :)

Sharing the top of my Snooker Table Quilt which I finished piecing late this afternoon ... Yay!

Hmmm ... is it missing something? 

Walked away, as you do, checked my blog comments and read this from Julie @ Joe Tulips Quilts:

'She is going to LOVE this. It is coming along fabulously. Will you be adding the sticks too?'

Sticks?! That would be the cues, Julie LOL :D And even as I was replying, 'no' - somewhere in my brain,  the suggestion was planting itself ... hmmmmmmm.

So, back to the sewing room and I've now made a 'stick' ... thanks Julie! DH says it needs to be a bit 'thinner' so I'll do some modifications later. Appliqueing it will be fun :) 

Is it too much?

Tomorrow the sewing room gets emptied as we get ready for the builders on Monday ... will try and persuade DH to help me baste this first. 

And at some point over the weekend, this little lot needs ironing - any volunteers?? Thought not!!

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  1. The "stick" looks great! It really adds to the table. I hope you are able to share her reaction when she sees this!

  2. It looks fabulous! Love the stick - where's the beer glass? Shouldn't there be one perched on the edge?

  3. The stick is perfect! And I've got two words for you - wrinkle-free! No way would I be able to do all that ironing.

  4. You could add hands on the stick;-) Oh, and one of those little square chalk thingys on the side...hehehe. It really is a great quilt, and I am sure many will do a double take.
    blessings, jill

  5. I adore that stick!!! It looks so perfect on there, like it was meant to be!

  6. What a realistic cue! I am sew in awe of what you have created here!

  7. Yes, I would say the stick looks perfect!

  8. It looks great!

    liebe Gruesse

  9. I showed this quilt to my hubby and he is sooo impressed. Will you be selling the pattern? Maybe you should. Just saying.
    You have a great stick with those nice balls... lol

  10. Just joined your blog. Please come join our blog!

    Anna and Sarah


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