Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Managing scraps ... better if I used them?!

Inspired by Amanda Jean again (who isn't?), she recently posted this story of a student on her scrap management course using decorative bird cages for her scraps.

My pile of scraps is immense! And growing all the time! I keep some here:

And under here:

A little bit are kept in here:

And some are hiding over here:

Oh, and a few live on my new pink cake stand too:

Perhaps I should stop buying things to store my scraps in and just use them up!? ORrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... I could go and buy myself a really pretty decorative bird cage off eBay:

And start filling it with pink scraps:

Where do you store yours and what should I make with all of mine?! I think I need professional help :)

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  1. Darn scraps! I think I make two scrap quilts to every "planned" one and still I never seem to get to the bottom of them! If you are looking for ideas, I try and post the scrap quilts I make on my blog. I like the white cabinet you store your scraps in.

  2. I don't think you need professional help! You need more birdcages for the other colours :D

  3. Awe, I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't throw anything away. I'm actually needing to take a couple bags of scraps to a local sewing group that makes 'ugly' quilts for the homeless...I know I'll never use them all, so I chose not to keep them.

  4. Scraps on a cakes stand are a brilliant idea, and have far fewer calories, but just like birds, I don't think they should be caged. Perhaps we just need another (scraps only) quilting bee!

  5. Scraps are kind of like rabbits...they just keep on multiplying. I use a sort of "modified" Bonnie Hunter scrap method. I cut up my scraps into usable sizes and store them by size so when I do get around to using them they're all together. That being said....I'm better at storing them than using them. Even though I think I have a lot of scraps I usually don't have quite enough of a certain size or color to make what I want which causes me to cut or buy more fabric which results in.....MORE scraps!

  6. I just throw my scraps in a big box. Need to get more organized.

  7. I need to get my scraps organized. They are just in a big basket. I add to them quilt often, and don't use them nearly enough!

  8. I love the idea of the birdcage. I stuff mine in coloured baskets ; )

  9. The birdcage of pink scraps is perfection.

    I'm hopeless with scraps. I know in my head I need to make a scrappy quilt, but I also can't wrap my brain around truly scrappy ones. I might force myself to do one or two or ten next year. My OCD little self will have to shush in order for that to happen!

  10. Scrappy quilts are hard for me, too. Can't quite let myself go...

    Love your new birdcage!

  11. LOLOLOLOL. Love the bird cage. Scraps have been drawing on my mind, too. Love your humor, friend. I would need a bigger birdcage for my teal scraps. But what a great idea...

  12. I have my scraps in two different places: the nice and newest ones in a cute basket and the others in a tote bag. Eventually they all go to the tote... I have in mind to make a big fabric bag made from scraps to put all of them in. I'll find the time someday!


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