Saturday, 4 January 2014

Finished top - how to quilt it ... and unexpected gifts :)

I am ahead of schedule ... yay! I have finished piecing the top of my friend's retirement quilt (deadline 23rd January), have made the back today and DH and I will baste it in the morning.
It came together really quickly once I decided not to go with sewing it row by row but in blocks:

And, of course, I pinned the heck out of it to match those seams up!

You know my quilting is limited - I don't really do straight lines and my free motion quilting is limited but if I was to wave my wand over this tomorrow - how would I best quilt it?

And a fabulous reminder of the kindness of blogging friends was confirmed with a bang yesterday (well, a thud on the floor by the front door) as I received this wonderful parcel all the way from Canada:

Yes, she knows how much I love pink! Look at how sweet her pin cushion is: 

Naughty Shauna (@ lovinquiltin), I really don't deserve them! You are toooooo sweet, thank you very much :)

I have loved looking at everyone's 2013/2014 posts ... here are just a few from some of my favourite blogging friends:

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Sarah @ Quilt Candy
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Geta @ Geta's Quilting Studio
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I am very excited about this year! Are you?

Linking up for the first of many times this year (I hope!) with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday (now have you seen her lovely quilting which was achieved on her domestic Juki?) and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict: 


  1. Those lips are so sweet! Love that layout and you did a wonderful job of lining up all those seams! Absolutely adore that new pic of yourself you added to the sidebar, Jennifer! You are gorgeous!

  2. I love this quilt you designed and so will your friend. I would do some quilting to emphasize the shape of the lips, like echoing inward. Then you could do whatever outside the lips. I LOVE the fussy cut roses. They turned out so neat! Your new picture looks amazing, and you are such a sweet friend. :) What a sweet DH to help you baste a quilt. You are truly blessed.

  3. Yes, I'm excited about this year too! I love your quilt. I haven't really got any suggestions for quilting it though, I usually just go for straight lines. It's nice to see your photo (now I'll recognise you when we meet !!)

  4. Did I read that right, that DH helps you baste quilts?!? We may need photographic evidence of this, to persuade all the male slackers to be more cooperative ;-) And wow, the lips quilt is totally amazing! So original. Enjoy your cute parcel of treats.

  5. Hi Glinda!
    Nice to see your photo!
    You almoast looks like Glinda!
    That quilt to your friend, Oh, she just have to be full of joy when she sees it!

  6. Lovin' those lips! Good idea to sew the quilt in blocks rather than rows. Did you find that the seams lined up well? I, too, am excited about this year and all that it will bring. Glad the little gift made it to your place. Your new picture is stunning!! Hope your weekend is enjoyable.

  7. The quilt is looking wonderful! Great work (and Happy New Year!)

  8. Such a creative and beautiful quilt! I am sure that your friend will love it. I enjoyed reading that your DH helps you baste quilts, if you do post photos of this...I am definitely showing my husband because he needs to take some notes. ;) Good luck with the quilting. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  9. This quilt will be such a fun gift. You will come up with the perfect quilting design that will make those lips and fussy flowers show beautifully.
    I noticed your cute haircut awhile back and should have said something, but your new picture really looks cute.
    That pin cushion is wonderful. You give so much, it's nice to see you receive a lovely in your mailbox.

  10. Looking forward to following along for another year!

  11. Don't you just love surprises? That quilt is great! What a nice gift. Thanks for the shout out, too! Can't wait to see what you come up with for this year. Your projects are always so much fun.


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