Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013 ... Hello 2014 and some goals :)

2013 was a good year ... a very good year. I have enjoyed making every single gift I made this year and here are my highlights.

I made 17 quilts :) Very difficult to pick a favourite as they were all special for various reasons:

But this one for my dear PBF (a wedding gift) was incredibly special:

As was Jackie's retirement quilt - it was an idea in my head that translated perfectly into this:

I made 64 other items in 2013 including 27 Pants Bags! Here's just a few of them:

I have loved being a quilter and a blogger in 2013 - I really have 'met' the most wonderful people and will get to meet a few in real life in March (more of that another day!)

I can't wait to see what everyone else gets up to in 2014. I'm not sure I'll be as prolific as life will change dramatically around June/July as DH retires and I conduct life between London and North Wales ... yikes!! 

My goals for 2014:
1) Host a wonderful retreat for my Strip Bee friends
2) Finish my Farmer's Wife Quilt (didn't make 1 block in 2013 - shame on me!)
3) Finish and find a home for my 'Soldier's Quilt'
4) Make more Pants Bags - is there anyone who doesn't have one yet??
5) Expand my free motion quilting techniques
6) Take better photos and improve my blogging skills
7) Attend at least 2 workshops
8) Have fun!

What are your goals for 2014? Why not link up with Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict ... hers make mine seem pretty lame!!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for being such amazing people x


  1. I loved seeing the quilts you did last year. You got a lot done. I think your goals are great! The best kind of goals are those that stretch you a little bit, but can still be easily reached. Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Can't believe it was only 17 quilts, thought for a minute you were just listing December ;-) Those adorable teddy quilts came thick and fast at the end of the year! They are so cute, and as for the wedding quilt... Wow! Anyway, miss PatchyRose announced today she wants a pants bag which looks like a strawberry - all red fabrics for the bag, and then the gathered bit in green!! Can't think where her over active imagination comes from. So looking forward to march!

  3. What a busy year you had and so much accomplished, I'm in awe! I love how creative your quilts are. Well done.

  4. You must have a ton of time to play! I'm jealous. Good luck this year.

  5. It looks like you have had a busy 2013! I love your quilts so much! Absolutely beautiful work!
    Happy New Year!!! I can't wait to see your 2014 quilty creations!

  6. 17! Wonderful finishes. Have a wonderful week

  7. 17????? Well done you! That's epic :-)

  8. Wow! you've been busy, all fantastic makes, love the snooker quilt!

  9. Lots of wonderful finishes! Your list seems very doable for 2014!

  10. 17? Wow. I thought I spent a fair amount of time playing with fabric but looking back over the year I've not made much at all. I particularly like the wedding quilt, I've not seen that one before. You must have made that one before Fran introduced me to you . Can't wait to meet in March.

  11. Oooo - I *love* north Wales. Lucky you. :D You made some fantastic quilts. The wedding quilt is absolutely marvelous. I love the colors in it. Happy 2014!

  12. Lots of lovely finishes, I can see why it is hard to pick a favorite. The patchwork drawstring bags are wonderful. Happy sewing in 2014!

  13. You did have some great finishes last year. Great goals and I'm sure you will reach each one. Thanks for sharing your pant bags with everyone. I'm sure there will be more to make in the new year. I was just thinking I need to use your tutorial and make one. Happy New Year!


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