Sunday, 19 January 2014

I'm back ... and look what's on my lap already :)

We had the most wonderful time on our ski holiday in Avoriaz (France) - the four of us look forward to it all year then, sadly, it's over in a heartbeat. Please let me share a few photos with you:

Back safely yesterday and I finished quilting my 'lippy quilt', buried all the knots, attached the label and made the binding! I was so chuffed to find 1/2 yard of the love hearts fabric in my stash which I had used in the quilt so I think it's going to finish this off perfectly. 

My favourite part - hand sewing the binding - expecting it to take a few hours!  Only 4 days to the retirement lunch - easy peasy:

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  1. Holidays are always over in a heartbeat!

    The pastries look yummy!

  2. Weeks are over in a heartbeat these days, I think.
    I'll guess it's something with our age...
    I love those last hours of work with my quilts too.
    Perfect in the comfort of a chair and "see" TV or listen to a book.

    I tried not to look at there pastries;-)

  3. So glad you had a good time! Must ask for a demo on burying knots when I see you...not something I've ever done. The quilt is looking fab.

  4. Mmmm! Those pastries look delicious (I know we should be admiring the quilt, but, I think it's gonna be the pastries that get all the comments this time!)

  5. Oh those yummy goodies, wish they were sitting in front of me right now! Looks like such a beautiful place, glad you enjoyed yourself !

  6. It looks wonderful. I'd love to go for those views and cakes but not the skiing!

  7. What a nice trip! So glad to have you "back", though. I'm sure that quilt will have a great reaction at the retirement party, too!

  8. Wow!! What a beautiful place to ski!! Holidays do go so quickly though - wish the work weeks zipped by that fast. You'll have lippy done before you know it and then what?

  9. You're back! Hooray! And those pastries look divine. So very jealous, but I've said that before.

    Your quilt looks lovely, and I can't wait to see the finished product.

  10. Those pictures look like a picture book fairy tale. Beautiful. You are already back in the sewing mode. Very impressive, friend. I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation. Welcome home.


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