Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Sewing ...

I've had a very productive day in my sewing room today working on a few different projects.

Now that I have a home for my 'Soldier's Quilt' (see here), I've been making some progress on that (will post photos next time) and I've also made the next strip on our Strip Bee. This is Round #5 and I'm working on Sarah's strip this time:

So many bright colours so these were my fabric choices:

And a little sneak preview:

Also, I've started making my first Pants Bag of 2014 for the daughter of one of the Strip Bees ladies, Fran (@ Patchy Rose). Can you guess what it's going to be:

And surprise, surflipppinsurprise I haven't managed to get to the end of January without some more fabric purchases! YES, all the receipts are in the tin:

In my defence, these 3 are crucial additions to my stash as they will make the backs to three quilts (2 x baby quilts, I've yet to start):

Sadly, the only one I can name is this one, which is 'Iony' design by Maria Kalinowski for Benartex (water C) which I'm hoping will back my soldier's quilt quite nicely:
Linking up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash, hosted today by Sarah's Quilts (whose purchases make mine seem very tame!) and Karen at Sew Many Ways:

Molli Sparkles


  1. Oh. My. Word. Big squeal from small person sitting next to me :-) You're amazing.

  2. I´m trying hard NOT to buy too much fabrics now!
    In September we are going to have a huge quiltfestival just some miles from where I live and I started to collect money already!
    You can´t go ther if there´s not much money in your purse;-D
    Love your fabric choises and that cup you are going to do!

  3. Love your fabrics, the elephants are sooo cute. I have a piece of fabric I am struggling to match with anything in my stash, I think I will have to buy some more to go with it. ( that's my excuse lol ) Glad you have found a home for your soldiers quilt
    Cheers Pauline

  4. Love the fabrics your are going to use for the back of baby Quilts. Looking forward to seeing them

  5. Wow you have had a productive day! Love the strawberry pants bag, the lucky girl will adore it!

  6. You sure make the most of your time in the sewing loft! Love your strawberry block! Sweet!

  7. Wow - this strip bee fabrics are fantastic! She'll be so pleased. And I'm glad you've found a home for your charity quilt - he sounds like a deserving guy!

  8. Receipts for money I used to have---too cute! Ha!

    I really like the heart block and those hexies are precious!

  9. That's going to be one awesome pants bag!

  10. Tame purchases indeed! And really, you need those fabrics. How will you finish otherwise? :)

  11. What a lovely surprize to see my strip at the top of your post! I LOVE the fabrics you are using! Love the heart pants bag too, that's gorgeous. And SO great to see a photo of you!!!


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