Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hurry up, Mr Postie!

I have been really lucky at work the last few months, I had a colleague join our team on a short term attachment before she went on maternity leave and she's been lovely to work with. For the record, I've never seen anyone sooooooo pregnant and she still has a month to go!

Friday was Laura's last day with us and she brought in all of this fabric from her Mum (who doesn't sew any more - that's sad) for little old me!

There's some fabulous gems in there, including a few Christmas FQs ... can't wait to sort through it all properly and see how it combines with my stash and I will use it to make more quilts (or Pants Bags!)

Laura knows she's having a little baby boy so I'm going to make her a baby quilt as a thank you gift - my first baby boy quilt. I've ordered some blue hearts fleecy fabric from eBay for the back and as soon as it arrives, I'll decide on a pattern and choose fabrics from my stash:

I did see this loveliness over at Quilts del fin del Mundo which is from this cute Moda pattern:

So I might just give that a go. Do you have a favourite baby quilt pattern? 

Hurry, Mr Postie, bring me my fabric ... pretty please :)

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  1. I've done coin quilts for babies too. I think it's nice to do something that will still work when they're older, draped over a chair.

  2. My family always wants those flannel rag quilts that I put the babies name on. I'm ready to start on some baby quilts with cotton and more fmq practice. I know you will make a beauty, you always do.

  3. Have fun sewing for that wee one

  4. Thank you for linking up my blog!! :) It's a FUN pattern!! You'll enjoy making it, that's for sure!!

  5. Arkansas crossroads makes a nice baby quilt, and so does the chevron, or zig zag...Also disappearing 9 patch, or disappearing 4 patch. I'm sure whatever you decide on, the baby's mom will love it. And how nice to receive fabric..... I always love when that happens. :)

  6. What a lovely little stash you inherited there! Fun! I have made several coin baby quilts, snowball and 9 patch, and a variation on a web design with sashing. I've had my eye on the arkansas crossroads to try next. I'll be interested to see your finished product with the cute backing.

  7. I just finished Jelly Roll Jam baby boy quilt. I think it makes a great baby quilt. =)


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