Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Busy bees a - buzzing!!

If you told me tomorrow I would have to stop blogging,
I would be bereft :(

If you had told me to stop 2 years ago (when I first started blogging) I would have been okay with it.

So what changed? Simple ... I connected with like-minded people and I made some friends. It didn't happen overnight and, like everything good in your life, you have to put in the work ... but it's paid off and I have found some lovely people to share my quilting adventures with.

Introducing (not that she needs any introduction!) one of my most favourite blogging friends - Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts, who is starting a new Wednesday linky party today. Please bee friendly and fly over there:

Sew Fresh Quilts

I'm sharing progress on my latest WIP - my first quilt of 2014 - this was the top before DH and I basted it on Sunday:

I asked for some tips on quilting it ... I am a serial stippler (don't tell me straight line quilting is easy - it's not for me!) but I wanted to try something new ... at this, DH rolls his eyes at me - he knows I'm on a tight deadline!

Jasmine (@ Quilt Kisses) commented: "I would do some quilting to emphasize the shape of the lips, like echoing inward. Then you could do whatever outside the lips."

Okay then, like the sound of that  ... so I stitched in the ditch around the lips first and it was tough ... ugh, my shoulders are aching already! It's official - I'm a wimp, I know. Did I mention I don't like straight line quilting??!! So, I did some diagonal straight lines in the lips and then - gave up ... off comes the walking foot, on goes the FMQ foot - now we're cooking on gas!

I did some free-motion flower petals along the seams (shows up a bit better in the black and white photo):

And then, liking Jasmine's idea of echoing, I started scallop edging around the outside of the lips and just kept going round and around:

And a close up - it's not perfect but it's a new to me FMQ pattern so am thrilled with it and probably only a couple of hours quilting left to do:

I'm so happy to have my Juki back after her Christmas vacation with the 'Service Man' - she's a treasure:

And could my week get any better? Yes it could - I ordered this book before Christmas but was told it was not available (in the UK) until March - they were wrong ... it's arrived:

The lovely Lee at Freshly Pieced is one of the authors ... only fitting that I link up with her too:


  1. That scallop quilting is a great design and it is good to see you experimenting with some new moves! I find it ironic that so many quilters have a hard time getting started with FMQ and yet you are adverse to using the walking foot. I say each should quilt according to what works and just have fun with it! Looking forward to the big lips finish!

  2. Your quilting looks great. I prefer to free motion or use one of the decorative stitches to quilt the seams. not impressed by walking feet.

    Cheers Pauline

  3. Love your fmq. You are so good at it. It's funny how we all like different things. I would use a walking foot and straight line quilt any day! A bit envious of the book. I've been wondering wether to get it nor not

  4. Lovely quilt and great fmq! I love fmq and like to see what other quilters do with their quilts. Fresh ideas! Thanks for sharing! (

  5. Oh, what a beautiful quilt! And your FMQ'ing is great! It's so sweet that your DH helped you baste it. My Sweetie has done similar sweet things for me. It's so nice to have an enabler. :-) That book looks like fun. Happy reading!

  6. It is looking great, Jen. I feel so honored to have been quoted. :) I can feel your excitement way over here. I would rather FMQ than use the walking foot most of the time, because it is so much quicker.

  7. Oh, my comment would be an exact repeat of Julie's (Mack and Mabel). This is such a great quilt :-)

  8. I like all those fussy cut roses! (And I also like your old singer hiding behind the book. ;) )

  9. Great quilt! Your FMQ is amazing.

  10. Your quilting is awesome! I am afraid to try it. It is a great quilt - I'm sure the recipient will love it! Do you ever sew on the old Singer?

  11. The scallops are perfect! Can't wait to see it all finished. Don't you love a new book. I've made a quilt from Amanda Murphy's new book for a hop on Monday. Can't wait to show it off.
    Nice work in progress!

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! And you are cracking me up over here, you serial stippler cooking with gas! Love it. You are not alone with the straight line quilting - I avoid it like the plague and shoveling snow. In that order! Great choices on the quilting. It's going to be such a treasure!

  13. It is amazing to me, a serial straight line girl, that others are not found of it. I am so afraid of any other kind. This post makes me feel like I should branch out. But oh so scary. Your quilting looks awesome and what a fun one of a kind quilt.

  14. Oh wow, that quilting looks AMAZING, love the scallops!! I was kind of glad that book wasn't out as it meant I couldn't buy it yet!!


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