Sunday, 8 January 2012

2010 continued ...
So, having made over 20 cushions and 20 Pants Bags (I know!!) in just a few months over the summer, it was definitely time to try and make a quilt ... very daunting and where to start? Looking back, I actually made the hardest quilt first (typical me!) as I wanted to make something for my dear Dad - a lapquilt I thought would be a safe start ... and a nice easy design - simple blocks, hey? That would have been sensible but that's not me - I decided to design a seaside themed quilt as my Dad loves boats and the sea ... what was I thinking??

So I started with a boat ...
... and added some sand
... and even made a lighthouse!!
I even hand quilted the clouds to make them 'fluffy and puffy' and tried (not very successfully) to free motion quilt the sand. Thankfully, I managed to do the backing with one piece of material so that reduced the time a little bit. It took weeks ... but I really really enjoyed making it and learning all sorts of new things as I went along.

And my favourite bit - apart from presenting it to Dad - was the binding ... I absolutely LOVED making it (out of the spare backing fabric) and hand sewing the back of it to the quilt in the car journey's to Dad's (sooooo last minute, me!) It was worth it:
More of 2010 still to come ...

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