Wednesday, 4 January 2012

You're never too old to learn - new Blogger ;)

I'm a brand new blogger and a newish (2 years) quilter ... I wanted to create a space for my quilting adventures and challenges so I'm going to try blogging ... deep breath - here goes!

For my first post, let me introduce you to Nell - you may not see much of her (I don't) as she is a rescue cat and is still very jumpy even though we've had her two years now. Here she is checking out my first 'proper quilt' that I made for Christmas 2010:

It was lots of fun (pieced at a one-day workshop in Surrey) but nearly put me off quilting at home as my first attempt of the stitch in the ditch on my domestic sewing machine was rather tricky ... but I persevered and a year on have enjoyed making many more quilts, cushions and bags (or, as I like to refer to them, 'Pants Bags') which I'll start to catalogue over the next few days as I get more into my blogging.

A special thanks to Penny and Pauline - both of whom inspired and supported me at the beginning of my quilting life - without them I wouldn't be the happy little quilter I am today xx

If only there was more time ...

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