Sunday, 29 January 2012

First finished quilt of 2012 ... yay!!

I am sooooooooooo thrilled with this lap-quilt I have made for my cousin in Maryland, USA. Remember all the fabrics I brought back from our trip to USA in September? Well, this is the first of five quilts I'm aiming to make from that lovely stash which belonged to my Nen's sister.

I knew whose quilt I wanted to start with and blues and greens and browns were the colours I went for for this special cousin. I was very lucky that I selected exactly the right amount and variety of colours quite quickly and then I brought them out of the loft and washed each piece by hand and dried and ironed them before starting cutting. I went for an easy 1/2 log cabin and 4 square to show off the different patterns (all labelled VIP Cranston Fabrics) and made 36 x 8" blocks and 100 x 2 1/2" squares for the border.

As I was sewing, the sentimentalist in me could not but think of what my Great Aunt would make of my 'modern' quilting.

Did she hand sew only? (I believe so.)

Did she follow patterns or make it up as she went along (A bit of both?)

And would she have used a rotary cutter? (Unlikely.)

Would she have approved of my work with her fabrics? (I hope so.)

I brought the quilt downstairs this evening and completed (in about 3 hours - give or take) the only bit of hand sewing I do - attaching the back of the binding (cut 2 1/4" width strips then folded) ... I really really LOVE this part of quilt making ;)

I also really enjoy making the mitred corners (I know ... I need to get out more!):

And here is the finished article. Measuring 52" by 52" and using only the material from my Great Aunt's stash:

Oh dear, not a good idea to photograph on the floor when Madam is around:

Thanks m'dear:

And a close up so you can see the colours:

And the very 'patchy' back - there were only a few larger pieces left and I was a bit worried when I first started making the back that it wouldn't work but I'm happy with the end result. Free motion quilted with cream cotton in a meandering effect - some 'odd' shapes occasionally but I don't claim to be brilliant at this part of quilting AT ALL! But boyoboy, do I enjoy it:

Enjoy dear cousin, hope it keeps you nice and warm. I feel very emotional about letting it go (fingers crossed it'll be safe in the post) but I love the fact you will be getting a 'quilting cuddle' from your Mom every time you put this on your lap xx

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