Wednesday, 25 January 2012

2012 ... things to do!

It was a successful ski trip ... phew ;) Avoriaz was brilliant and a wonderful resort for beginners and those skiing for the first time after a broken ankle and we (nearly) all had a very safe holiday:After four days of gorgeous sunshine, the fresh snow began to fall ... and fall ... and fall! It was breathtakingly beautiful:

Before I went, I made Mutter a mobile phone 'neck pouch' (out of some scraps left over from her Christmas Quilt) - so that when I called her from France to see how she (and Nell!) were doing, she would have her mobile phone close by at all times:And whilst in France, I found this hiding in a little resort shop. Amazing that you can be all the way up there in the mountains and STILL find a quilting magazine! Dear husband,"But it's all in French!" Me: "Soooooooo ... I can still look at the pictures!"

I REALLY REALLY enjoyed skiing but I did miss my sewing! So, here is my list of the things I want to do over the next few weeks:

1) Finish the binding on USA Quilt #1 and post to my cousin in Maryland

2) Finish piecing USA Quilt #2, make the backing, baste, quilt, bind and send it to another cousin

3) Make a 'pink and dogs' cushion for my brother-in-law's Mum (I was going to make it as a little thank you for our yummy Christmas cake but now she's not well, I have two reasons to get this made.) Have to go fabric shopping on eBay ... dogs are tricky - cats are much easier to find!

4) Make a replacement conservatory Cath Kidston cushion for my sis (in law) as the sun has faded the one I made her last year (started yesterday!)

5) Make some things (cushion, Pants Bag, Mobile phone neck pouch??) for my friend who's having a church fundraising day in February

6) Book another friend in for a birthday sewing day and we'll make her a cushion together

Enough to be getting on with methinks ... for now!!

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