Monday, 9 January 2012

2010 - last instalment!

Firstly, a picture of my ever growing 'stash' - my Dad has always said I am a compulsive shopper so no-one should really be that surprised that having been bitten by the quilting bug, I was buying fabric at every opportunity ...

And, of course, it grew ...
Nell popped up to the loft from time to time just to 'help' ...
I made a coffee table cover / cloth for my dear niece towards the end of 2010 - she chose the fabrics when she visited earlier in the year (another great day out in Rochester) but she didn't stipulate any pattern. Having moved in with her lovely boyfriend, I thought it would be nice to go with a 'two homes brought together by a heart' design and this was the result:

Compliments aside, I loved the end products and was really starting to enjoy making 'quilts' but I wanted to attend some workshops so that I could mix with other quilting ladies and pick up some tips. I managed to get to a couple of classes in Kent and Surrey towards the end of 2010 and, whilst I didn't finish them by the end of 2010, these were the beginnings of two lovely quilts:

And a workshop in Sevenoaks helped me make these mats and a table runner for Christmas 2010 (which I've had out again this Christmas but are now packed away with the Decorations :-( my 'hate that Christmas is over' sad face!):

So that was the end of 2010 - I was looking forward to continuing my quilting adventures in 2011 but what I couldn't have predicted was the 'crashing' start I was going to have in the New Year!!

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