Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A 'cracking' start to 2011!

I should stick to quilting - enough with the funnies.
This was my unfortunate start to 2011 after an accident whilst skiing in January. Two breaks to the ankle / calf, snapped ligaments and two cracked ribs meant I was unable to quilt for weeks ... I was bereft :-(

Thank goodness for dear husband who didn't listen to me when I said, "I'm sure I can hop up the ladder into the loft!" and brought my sewing stuff down to the spare bedroom and set me up with a mini quilting studio until I was all better.

And Nell? Oh, she just loved sleeping in the batting:

I DO love her ... the little madam ;)

I managed to move between the make-shift ironing table/cutting area and sewing table by pushing and pulling myself around on the ‘wheelie' chair but I wasn't able to quilt for long as the ribs were A G O N Y ... far greater pain than the leg - never want to experience that again. Also, the leg in plaster meant it did not like being vertical so I was quite limited in the time I could spend sewing - after an hour, some days, I'd really had enough ... so I made up for that my spending loads of time S H O P P I N G!!

I found eBay had a much better selection than I would have thought as well as some local (ish) shops that had internet ordering and I got in enough supplies in to make another set of table mats and table runner whilst still in plaster:

It was good practice ... they're really mini quilts so you get to have a go at piecing, basting, quilting and binding but on a much smaller (and manageable) scale. And it made me happy ... I'm not used to being off work and spending so much time on my own so it was a great way to pass the time.

It was around this time, I really discovered quilting bloggers (mainly USA quilters) and I could (and did!) spend hours a day drooling over their fabulous creations. Looking for smaller things to make, I stumbled across posts on 'mug rugs' and made a couple of these for friends:

Also, I couldn't stay away from making cushions and Pants Bags!
For the Church raffle (my first of many!)

More to come from early 2011 ... gosh I DO love my hobby ... I am so lucky;)

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