Saturday, 14 January 2012

USA September 2011

We had a wonderful holiday (we always do) with our dear family again this year in Chesapeake Beach, MD - our 10th wedding anniversary - and they took us to Charleston for a holiday within a holiday ... we are such lucky people. Of course, I found a quilt shop:
and I bought lots of fabby fabric. I had the shop almost to myself (the rest of the family didn't shop with me - the boys went off to see some big boat and the girls went for a coffee!) and the lady in the shop was so very nice to me, talked through some quilting techniques, explained the 'disappearing 9 patch', let me take photos of quilts hanging in the shop ... she was really lovely.

And when we got back to Maryland, thanks to another dear cousin (who is a quilter too and a new Grandma - and what a cute grandson x) I had time to pop and shop in here too (huge shop, well huge compared to UK standards, in Annapolis):

I have only used two USA-bought fat quarters since then but the rest is waiting to be used in a special project - at both shops, I went for pinks (of course!) and the older dusky pink/red tones so I may even use it to make a Farmer's Wife Quilt for myself ... watch this space ;)

But the best fabric I acquired I didn't have to spend a penny on. Towards the end of our stay, my dear cousin brought out from the garage a big old packing box of fabric that had belonged to her Mom (my Nen's sister), asking if I'd like any of it ... any of it? ANY of it??? ALL OF IT, THANK YOU!!! So, a hasty online payment to the airline for another suitcase later and a bit of jigging about with the packing meant all of this loveliness left Chesapeake Beach and came to London with meeeeeeeeee:
Thank goodness for spacesaver bags!
Stash collecting is obviously genetic!!
All folded (actually could't get it all in one photo!)
and it's in such good condition considering it's been in a box for over 20 years ;)

Quote from dear husband, "Cos it's not like you didn't have enough already!"

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  1. That's where dear husband is such thing as enough! LOL


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