Saturday, 14 January 2012

Christmas Gifts - the last 2011 'catch-up' post

It started with a simple request (at the end of October) from the Mum of our god-daughters, if I was looking at ideas for Christmas presents, "A cushion cover would be a great present for them," and I was off - out of the starting blocks and creating. The rest of this post is all the lovely things I made in November and December.

I never just give cushion covers so first stop was eBay for two 22" duck feather cushions (I usually use 18" but was going for a bigger look this time). I wanted them to be similar but different (if you know what I mean) - there's only two years age difference and as soon as I picked out the fabrics, I knew I'd have to make Pants Bags to match as well!
Then there was a quilt for my Mum (Mutter) - we had picked all the red and green fabrics on a visit home earlier in the year. If you ever met my dear Mutter, you would think, "she has a big heart," so there was my inspiration:
And she had to have a cushion too! That's what scraps are for ... I put binding on this one - very pretty and made the cushion feel rather sumptious. The front of my cushions are 'mini quilts' - pieced, batting, calico backing and quilted - it finishes them off nicely:
Then a Pants Bag for my little niece to match her quilt:
And a cushion for my friend to match her cat quilt (just enough scraps left):

And a cushion for my nephew to match his quilt:
And a Pant's Bag for my cousin's wife (filled with smellies):
And one for my brother's girlfriend (also filled with smellies):
And one for my friend at work's grand-daughter:
And a cushion and two Pants Bags for the Church raffle:

And a cushion for my friend's daughter at work:

Then I GOT PAID!!! Two friends asked if I would make cushions for them to give as Christmas presents - oh my ... no pressure!! So I made these - the first two were for my friend's neices, she chose the fabrics and I chose the designs and the last one is very similar to the 9-patch church raffle cushion (see above) that my friend's friend won and was so thrilled with it my friend thought it would be a nice surprise to have me make another (similar) one too:

And finally, remember the quilt I made for Mum's birthday that sat on the back of settee all year because it was 'too nice to use'? I made Mum (in-law) another lapquilt and called it, "Use Me" and I'm pleased to report that it is getting used!!! She told dear husband yesterday on the phone that she was 'wrapped up in it because that's what it was meant for' ... yay!!

The back - just as lovely
PHEW!!! I enjoyed making every single item - and seeing the recipients' faces - everyone was thrilled (I think!) with their gifts. All created in the evenings after work and at weekends ... not much ironing got done, I can tell you!!

All in all a wonderful end to the year. I learnt lots of new things and can now free motion quilt (meander/stipple) quite confidently and put 'proper'lining in Pants Bags and knock out a cushion in a couple of hours. I am sooooooo looking forward to 2012's projects, adventures and challenges ... I AM a lucky girl, my dear husband is so very supportive and I am very thankful that I get to make such lovely things ;)

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