Friday, 15 March 2013

Baby Quilt :)

I have had a fabby Friday. My dear Mutter (Mum) arrived yesterday and will be staying with us for a week. We have tickets for The Lion King next week - she's very excited! I took the day off work today and whilst I sewed, Mutter knitted - we've had the best day.

I did a lot of cutting and sewing on this quilt and finished just the one block:

... it's taking quite a bit of time! But I mostly spent the day finishing up the cutest (well, Mutter and I think so!) little pink baby quilt. My brother asked me if I would make this quilt for a young Mum and her new baby, who's a friend of the family in Wales. Of course, I said, 'Yes!' and although there was no time limit put on it, I wanted to finish it before Mutter goes home next week so she can take it with her and Amanda Jean keeps me on track (most weeks!) for a Friday finish ... you too, hey?! 

So, this little darling came together for me in the last 3 days. I Facebooked this photo to my brother earlier this afternoon, with the question, 'What do you think of it so far?'

To which, he responded, 'I think it's lovely and so are youuuuu. x' Bless him :)

Although I would have (happily!) gone shopping for new fabric, I didn't have to - all the material came from my stash! And the back is a lovely fleeced fabric: 

I still haven't mastered straight line quilting  :( so I free motion quilted with my usual stippling/meandering in a pale pink cotton and, being such a manageable size, it took me just over an hour. And here is the label:

On to the binding - my favourite part:

Even more enjoyable when Mutter handed me an ice cold glass of crisp dry white wine - naughty Mutter ... it was before 6 o'clock! Oh well! Yummeeeeee:

And the finished article ... It really is very cute. I could make pink baby quilts ALL DAY LONG :) 

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts - Finish it up Friday - and going to go and have a good look at all the other blogs linked up now! Have the best weekend :)


  1. Oh, it is sweet, but I really like the block you made too. Enjoy the Lion King - I was choked up from the minute they came on stage, it's such a powerful performance :-)

  2. So sweet!! Such cute fabrics you have used. What I want to know is if your binding was on straight after the glass of wine? :) Enjoy your mom's company and your outings this week!! Nice block too - that's coming together but does look like a fair amount of work.

  3. What a sweet quilt! I love the pieced letter. I love having a glass of wine while quilting. I say that is a smart mum!

  4. What a sweet beauty. That is a very cute baby blanket. You are such a wonderful giver, it seems your mum takes a quilt back for someone every time she visits.
    The block is so pretty and bright. That will be a beautiful quilt.
    Pass the wine, the weekend is here! Have a great time with your mom.

  5. Love the block and the quilt. You have been industrious!

  6. Very pretty...... I love the patchwork "L". I hope you enjoyed the wine!


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