Sunday, 17 March 2013

I did it! I sewed in a zip :)

Hooray, hooray, hooray - and more cheers, please  ... for I am a happy little sewer - is that the right word; best I check. Ewwww, obviously, I am referring to the last bullet-pointed meaning!!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia,
Sewer may refer to:
  • Part of sewerage, the infrastructure that conveys sewage
  • Effluent sewer, a collection system that transports only the liquid portion of wastewater through small-diameter pipes laid at contour
  • Sanitary sewer, a system of pipes used to transport human waste
  • Storm drain, a collection and transportation system for storm water
  • Combined sewer, a system performing both the functions of a sanitary sewer and a storm sewer
  • Sewer, one who does sewing

Yesterday at 0900 hours, I was the first through the doors of my local craft store to buy some 9" zips. Zips? Me? I never use zips ... I don't even know how to use a zipper foot! That may sound a bit lame but I've never had to and, to be honest, I thought it would be way too difficult and would be one of those things I just never got round to doing.

I wanted to make an iPad case for my Aunty's birthday and most of the patterns out there called for the use of a zip. So, to the trusty Google search engine and thanks to Sewing Parts Online for this little gem, I now know which one of those 'spare bits of metal' is my zipper foot, how to fix it on and how to use it.

Next, and another search led me to the very glamorous Debbie Shore at Thimble Lane and her YouTube tutorial on sewing this zipped make up bag. It was so easy to follow - the only difference was I quilted my outside pieces. I even did straight line quilting - it was okay (though, I think I'll still struggle with this when doing something quilt sized): 

Then, following Debbie's clear instructions, within 30 minutes, I had made my first iPad (zipped-up) Case:

Isn't she lovely? Look at that cute label! Aren't those my favourite colours? Oh oh ... I'm in trouble :) She is lovely and pink! I want to keep it for meeeeeee! What's a girl to do? The only thing a girl can do ... Yep, keep your 'first born' and make another one! Here's Aunty's:

Later in the day, my friend (and #1 Fan!) came visiting and fell in love so now I just had to make her one too! She picked her own fabrics and ... ta da, here's number 3:

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED making these - wish everyone had an iPad so I could make some more!

Hey, I know it's not on a par with inventing penicillin, landing on the moon or conquering Everest but it was my greatest achievement yesterday! And I'm still crowing about it today :D

Aunty Monika loved hers and we all had a great St Patrick's Day lunch this afternoon with the friendliest Landlords Sean and Sue, at The Fordwich Arms (near Canterbury, Kent) - here's a picture of me wearing the obligatory Guinness hat to prove it:

Hope you had (or are having) a wonderful weekend and I'd love to hear about your sewing achievements :)


  1. These are lovely.... it is too bad I don't have an iPad! :) Looks like you had a fun St Paddy's day.

  2. YEAH!! Zippers are fun and yours look perfect. I love the bags.
    I really laughed out loud when I saw you defining sewer. I did that once because when I wrote it out I thought, "Wait a minute, that's not a lady sewing." Hubby is a plumber, I hear all about that other business...yuck.

  3. Love the hat! I havent had the nerve to try a zip yet but am making cushion covers so will have to soon! Wish me luck, and will be checking our your zip recommendations :D

    1. Replying publicly, Kathleen, so that others may advise ... are you suggesting there are different types and quality of zips?! Seriously?! I did not know this - I just chose them by size and colour! Oh, the pressure ... LOL :D


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