Sunday, 31 March 2013

Zzzzzzzzzz ... It's finished :)

Nearly 12 hours quilting and binding (and burying lots of knots!) on this jelly roll quilt today and I'm not going to kid you - I am knackered! I stopped sewing just after 6pm:

and sat down after dinner at 7pm to sew the back of the binding: 

and have just sewn the last stitch at 11pm:

I have lots to say about making this quilt and it is so special it deserves a proper post that I can keep my eyes open for and photographs that will do it justice. Please pop back tomorrow for the full story, what I've learnt and lots of photos.

But I said I'd finish this by the 31st and I have ... just! And I wanted to link up to Shanna at Fiber of All Sorts - A lovely Year of Finishes before going to bed ... which I will :)

Oh, and I did help DH with the decorating today - I cut the lining paper:

Happy Easter, Good Night and God Bless xx


  1. Wow! Sleep, woman, and have a good rest so we can see some lovely photos tomorrow :D

  2. Looking forward to the pictures tomorrow... so far it looks lovely! Great job!

  3. Nice work! That was a lot to get done. Nice job getting it done!

  4. Lovely Jennifer, well done!
    I'd like to nominate you for a Liebster Award

  5. Deadlines are tough, but it sure makes us get things done. Way to go!

    I love the quilting you chose and the binding is the perfect choice. Beautiful.

    I am looking forward to your "proper" post, although this is a good one. I can see all the lovelyness.

    Hope you have rested. Great finish!

  6. Love the quilt well done

    Cheers Pauline.


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