Friday, 22 March 2013

Lots of little finishes :)

Happy Weekend, everyone :)

I haven't made any more progress on piecing this jelly roll quilt this week but I have at least finished cutting and sewing all the 150+ units and am planning to sew all day tomorrow to piece as much of the top as I can! Here are the smaller units in all their finery:

Last Saturday, I sewed my first ever zips and made 3 quilted iPad cases. I only meant to make one (as a birthday gift) but I immediately fell in love with my 'first born':

Quilted iPad Case

so I just had to make some more: 

And I was asked to make three more bunny cushions after this one I made for the church raffle was such a big hit. I had just enough of the Peter Rabbit fabric left over to make this one:

But no matter how hard I tried, I could not find any more of this fabric - anywhere :( don't you just hate it when that happens? So after a bit more searching on t'internet for 'bunny fabric', I found an alternative that is more than acceptable:

I left the loft to get some coffee and when I came back, this bundle of furry loveliness was in my seat and would not move:

So I played around with the colours and eventually discarded the blue and just stayed with the peach and green and here are the finished cushions:

And silly me for turning my back again on her gorgeousness, 'I'm just trying them out for you, Mummy!'

I moved her along and managed to tempt her to nestle down again:

Have a great weekend - stay warm - happy sewing :) linking up with the gracious Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts - Finish it up Friday 


  1. That jelly roll quilt will be smashing! Such a happy line.

  2. Yes, the jelly roll quilt will be wonderful, and your pillows are beautiful. I am hoping to get some sewing done this weekend, too!

  3. Looking super organised there with your quilt pieces!!

  4. Love your cushions and your lovely fur baby! Where is that jelly roll pattern from? I'm a fan - it's going to look great.

  5. Love all the projects you featured in this post! That wand must be really magic, Glinda! The purple and black in the center of those star blocks is awesome. Laughed at your 'first born' comment! And you sure are a great cat mom.

  6. You have been crazy creative this month girl. I have been waiting to hear about The Lion King also. Hope you have a great time with your mom..

    I think the bunny pillows are adorable and I can't wait for your finish on the jelly roll quilt. It's looking good so far.

  7. Oooh, I like your IPad covers - they are so cute. I have never sewn in a zipper yet - I've yet to tackle that.


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