Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sewing Room Tidy Up!

I really really wanted to sew yesterday but when you see this you'll know why DH 'insisted' we had a tidy up first:

I know, I know it's a mess! What can I say? 'My name's Jenni and I'm disgusting!!' But come on who doesn't prefer creating new things to tidying up? And I have been busy ... pathetic excuse, Jen! Here are a few before and after photos. DH was a huge help - lots of stuff is going to the dump and charity shop today!

My little sewing table - where you can see I do most of my cutting! There's at least 5 projects worth of scraps on there: 

And after - now doesn't that space look more inviting: 

I am disgusting!

And after: 

This fabric on the towel rail reminds me - I must pick up my Farmers Wife Quilt again soon:

And after:

Here's my main sewing table - not sure where those cushion pads are going to go but they can't stay there:

And after - and there's my cute little charity shop table just waiting to find its place! 

It was hard work but sooooooo worth it! Note to self: do not let it get like this again ever this year :) and today no housework just SEWING ... yippeeeeee :)


  1. Yup, looks ace after your busy day! Amazing how quickly the untidiness appears though, isnt it? I love those wee white storage buckets with the fabric in them, look really cute! And yay for sewing in the eaves - I have to watch my head when I'm ironing in case I bang it on the roof :D

  2. Great job on the clean-up, perhaps you could help me with mine! I have the same storage unit from IKEA....yours is looking much neater than mine here. Perhaps I should do some cleaning/organizing today...... :)

  3. What an inspiration you are, but I've neglected my house lately, so today it's a big tidy up in the house. No sewing for me :( Unless I get off of here and get busy. Then maybe later.

    Looks great. You have such a cute sewing space. My sewing room is in the attic too. Love it!


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