Friday, 29 March 2013

I got distracted and he was busy!!

Can I please count a finished top and back as a 'finish' for Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday? When you see the size of it, I was never going to get this baby basted, quilted and bound in one day! Also, DH - my able basting assistant - was busy with his own Bank Holiday weekend project ... he's decorating our bedroom. Here he is hard at work:

I'll have to grab him first thing in the morning! 

Remember I was going to back my jelly roll quilt with this? 

Sadly, the seller contacted me to say she didn't have the 2 metres I needed after all :( so I quickly found another seller who had 2 metres of the purple which arrived yesterday. However, and this is my own optimistic fault for thinking that 2 metres would be enough, when I added my borders to the top of the quilt:

I was about 16" short in the width ... oh dearie me! Now, as luck would have it - 'see DH: that's why I have a large(ish) stash' - I just happened to have enough of the lilac spots left over that I'd used when I got caught short with the front! It was meant to be - don't you think? So with a little bit more cutting and sewing, I now have a finished back too:

As well as DH decorating, I also got distracted by the quilt I started to make yesterday for dear niece's, partner's Grandma's 80th birthday in May. I only made the one star yesterday and made another 5 today! Just 3 to go :)

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday and keeping my head down in case the 'Not really a finish Police' come investigating :D


  1. I would say that a finished top is a finish....I can't wait to see this one quilted! Happy Easter!

  2. Great blog... great husband... lovely projects too.

  3. Every step is a finish. We push to finish our goals and it looks like your goal of finishing a quilt top and back and painting your bedroom at the same time is all working out. lol
    Beautiful top and bottom on the jelly roll quilt and your stars are lovely. I love the green. An 80th birthday deserves a beautiful quilt.

  4. It all looks great! Can't wait to see the finished jelly roll quilt! I have a jelly roll that I want to use up too. Have a good Easter!


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