Friday, 8 March 2013

Finishes, gifts and purchases = a good week :)

We had a lovely long weekend with family and friends in Chester. Lucky for us, our dear niece and nephew (and their adorable partners) weren't working the whole weekend so we got to spend some quality time with them too :)

I took up this Pants Bag I made for their little cousin who has a birthday coming up soon:

My niece, Hannah, loves to shop (don't know where she gets it from!) but she's also always thinking of others. It's a rare day she goes shopping and doesn't buy something for someone else. She saw this (doorstop) and thought it woud make a fabulous pin cushion for me ... it's a biggie (I've put my phone next to it for scale) and it made the boys smile (naughty boys!) 

I love it, thank you girlie xx:

On Saturday we went charity shop shopping and were really lucky. Hannah has been looking for a 'man-chair' for a couple of months. We found not just one but two reclining man-chairs :) so I bought them both - one for Hannah and one for dear nephew ... well, we couldn't leave them behind and it was for charity :D 

Here's Hannah's partner modelling his ... problem is, she can't get him out of it! Goes well with the drinks globe which we got him for Christmas:

Then I spotted this cute little table. Seriously, I have no idea yet what to do with it - its a bit battered - but it will join me in my sewing room when DH has scrubbed it up a bit! And at £4.50 I could not leave it behind: 

So, back to work Tuesday. I haven't had the time to start on my Jelly Roll quilt but it is the weekend ... yay! I did make an ironing board cover which I've wanted to do for ages as you'll see why when you look at this sadness:

I used this tutorial from Jennifer of Mama to Three Chicks which was really easy. It took me just under an hour (trickiest bit was threading the elastic) and I'm really pleased with it:

And a close-up of the fabric and the seam-join:

Linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts and enjoying a bit of 'Finish-Envy' at all the lovely completions this week :)


  1. You can put that cute little table next to you at your sewing table, and make a little mini ironing station. I've seen tutorials for that. Though, I see you just fixed up your ironing board.

  2. That's exactly what I was going to suggest! I used some scrap batting and an old sheet, my staple gun and a sturdy wooden TV tray and made a mini ironing board. I keep it to my left as I sit at the machine. Its very useful for ironing small seams as you piece. I only get my big one out when I need to iron a whole top.

  3. That is the sweetest "pincushion". You can put a lot of pins in that... Too cute.
    I've never thought to make my own ironing board cover. Aren't you the clever one. Thanks for the link. I may have to recover mine. (^:

  4. You have been busy . . . doesn't it feel good to have a new ironing board cover?


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